Visa Certificate
Visa Certificate

Any questions regarding your blocked account?

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Information on Blocked Account

If you want to study or take a language course in Germany and you come from a non-EU country, you will usually need a blocked account when you apply for your visa. With this account you prove that you have enough money to study and live in Germany. You must open the blocked account before your arrival in Germany. You use an international bank transfer to deposit a certain amount of money in this account: In 2023, this will be at least 934 euros for each month you want to study or learn in Germany. If you need more money per month, for example to pay for your language course, you can of course pay more money into the account. The money will remain in the account until you arrive in Germany. Once you have arrived, you will be able to activate the account. From then on you can withdraw the amount you have deposited for one month every month. The blocked account can only be closed by the diplomatic mission in your home country or the Aliens' Registration Office in Germany.

Through our partner expatrio you can open a blocked account in just a few steps.