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Hannover – the city of green spaces

Eilenriede, Hannover’s city forest, and the Herrenhausen Gardens make Hannover a city with a lot of green spaces. More than 20 museums feature art from a wide range of different genres.

The capital of Lower Saxony

Hannover, the capital of the state of Lower Saxony, is part of the Hannover-Braunschweig-Göttingen-Wolfsburg metropolitan region and is an important center for science and industry. Hannover is well-known on an international scale for two of the world’s most forward-looking tradeshows: “CeBIT”, the most important meeting place for the digital economy and the “Hannover Fair”, the world’s largest fair for industrial products.

Hannover is home to more than 20 museums featuring different exhibits. From history to 20th century art and right on up to a museum of caricature and drawing, with outstanding collections and changing special exhibitions. A wide range of theater, opera and stage productions and countless concerts from classical music to jazz and rock and pop offer an incredible variety of different things to do in your leisure time.

Not far away from Hannover, you can find Marienburg Castle, Lake Steinhuder and the Deister, a low mountain range with lots of greenery and a paradise for hikers and mountain bikers.