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About us

ISK Profile

The ISK was founded in 1997 and is now one of Hannover’s largest language schools. More than 1,500 participants learn German and other languages at the ISK each year. You will find our 4 locations directly in the downtown area of Hannover. We have more than 35 modernly equipped seminar rooms with E-projectors and interactive whiteboards, a schoolyard and a café with free wifi and a reading corner.

Mission Statement

We are open to anyone who would like to learn with us, but we focus in particular on people who move between two cultures for humanitarian, private or professional reasons. Our clients and customers come from all over the world. We work for public and private institutions, public authorities, companies and private persons.

Learning at the ISK

At our very central locations directly in downtown Hannover, we have developed a room concept that creates a good atmosphere for learning, provides the prerequisites for the use of modern media and caters to the needs of adult learners. Our instructors have extensive experience in adult education and exhibit a high degree of competence in their subject areas and in their social skills.

The learning process

The starting point for successful learning at the ISK is a counseling session and a diagnosis of learning needs. In a personal meeting, the objectives, needs and desires are discussed with our clients, language skills are tested and a transparent learning path with an agreement on the objectives to be reached is determined.

Educational objectives

In our German courses, we prepare our participants to take internationally recognized examinations for their jobs or job training (apprenticeships). The goal of the integration and alphabetization courses is the integration of migrants in Germany in terms of language, social customs and culture. The courses for job qualification focus on the integration of our clients in the job-training and job market. For our private and corporate clients, we develop individually customized language training courses to enable them to reach the goals they have set quickly, effectively and successfully.

Learning success

The learning success of our clients is our business card. For us, successful learning means that we, as an educational institution, create the optimum conditions for participants and instructors to achieve the goals agreed upon together in a positive learning atmosphere.