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Cultural Program

Cultural Program - Exploring Hannover together

We offer our participants a colorful, widely varied cultural program. We will show you the many different sides of Hannover to give you a closer look at a piece of German culture. Our program includes a visit to the Herrenhäuser Gardens, the Historical Museum, Marienburg Castle, an alternative guided tour through the district of Linden or a boat ride on Maschsee Lake. Art projects, summer festivals and our large-scale Christmas party with all the participants have become popular traditions at the ISK! All the dates can be found on our social media channels.

Steinhuder Meer and Schmetterlingsfarm

Here, the participants of the cultural programme went to Steinhuder Meer and the butterfly farm! The Steinhuder Meer is one of the largest inland lakes in Germany and a popular recreational area in the Hanover region. In the nearby tropical hall you can admire over 400 butterflies from tropical regions of origin. The insectarium offers further exciting opportunities to immerse yourself in the world of insects.

Canoe City Tour

Experience Hannover from a different perspective for a change. On this trip, we take a tour of the city of Hannover in a canoe. We paddle along the Leine River to the Maschsee Lake, past the HDI Arena, to the Calenberger Neustadt and on into the heart of Hannover Mitte.

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The participants in the ISK courses are traditionally invited to get together to visit the winter zoo. There we go sledding, ride carousels, go skating and enjoy the culinary treats at the winter market there together.

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Car City Wolfsburg

This day trip takes us by train to Wolfsburg, where we visit the Autostadt Wolfsburg together. Cars from over 60 manufacturers and the world's largest automobile delivery center await us. An ideal trip for all technology and car enthusiasts!

Sports Festival

Every year the ISK organizes a large summer sports festival for everyone to enjoy. With the sun shining, there are all sorts of sporting activities, games and competitions. Good food and drink and good music is traditionally part of the program.

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The game of bowling, an international sport, has meanwhile become a popular leisure-time activity in Germany as well. The objective of the game is to knock all of the pins down - each bowler gets two tries.

The ISK organizes a bowling tournament for all the participants in the different language courses in the “Bowling World” Hannover. The winners of the tournament can look forward to a nice surprise!




The ISK invites all the participants in the standard courses to join their instructors in the pleasant rear courtyard to take part in an afternoon BBQ. Traditional grilled sausages (pork, chicken and vegetarian) and soft drinks will be provided by the ISK.

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Christmas Party

The temperatures are falling, we are all starting to look forward to the holiday season. Traditionally, the ISK likes to celebrate the Christmas season together with its students. Just like at the Christmas Market, there will be waffles and all kinds of sweet treats available and mulled wine (with and without alcohol), all supplied by the ISK. A lottery with lots of fun prizes is also part of the program.

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Brewery Herrenhausen

The excursion to the traditional “Herrenhäuser” brewery is one of the most popular trips amongst the ISK students. The brewery was first established in 1868 and is owned today by the Schulz-Hausbrandt family.

The excursion begins with a tour of the brewery along with a lot of interesting information about beer in general and the production of “Herri”, as the people of Hannover like to call their beer. At the end of the tour, students will also have an opportunity to try the delicious brew in a relaxed atmosphere.

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Linden-Limmer is a districtin the city of Hannover. It has 45,091 inhabitants and is made up of smallerparts of the city known as Linden-Mitte, Linden-Nord, Linden-Süd and Limmer.

During the ISK excursionthrough Linden-Limmer, our language course participants will see and find outmore about the specialties that can be found there. History, architecturalfeatures, social developments and life in Linden today are the topics that willbe discussed. We will also pay a visit to “Radio Flora”, an internet radiostation that broadcasts in many different languages. The excursion will finishup in one of the cozy pubs typical of the Linden area.

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Hameln is a small citysituated on the banks of the Weser River and is most famous for the story ofthe Pied Piper of Hameln, which is based on a legend dating back to the year1284.

Our ISK excursion to Hamelinstarts with a guided tour through the well-known medieval town. We will walkthrough the historical old town with its many beautiful old buildings and theISK students will also be able to listen to the story of the Pied Piper.

City Stroll and Spring Festival

City Stroll and Spring Festival

In the spring time,we offer our students a walk through downtown Hannover and the oldpart of the city. This is where you will find such old, traditionalbuildings as the Leibniz Building, the Market Church and the ruins ofthe Aegidien Church. It’s an excellent way to experience thehistory and culture of Hannover. After that, we will stroll over theSpring Festival where you are free to take part in any of theactivities there.

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Marienburg: Fairytale-like residence of the Royal Family of Guelph

An excursion to Marienburg is a permanent part of our cultural program. MarienburgCastle is a beautiful castle, which King George V of Hannover hadbuilt from 1857 to 1867 as a summer residence, hunting seat andlater, as a residence for his widow. It was a gift to his wife, QueenMarie, on her 39thbirthday. The ISK excursion begins with a short train ride to thevillage of Nordstemmen. From the train station there, we will walkthe short distance to the Marienberg, where we will then visit theromantic castle of the last Queen of Hannover. 

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Walk and Masch Lake Fest

The Masch Lake Festdraws more than 2 million visitors a year and is a real highlightevery summer. You can listen to concerts on different stages and atdifferent locations around the lake, see other artists and theirperformances and enjoy the food and drink on offer. Starting at theISK, we will walk through the old town area in Hannover to Masch Lakeand take a boat ride there. After that, we will spend the eveningtogether eating and chatting.

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Excursion to the Deister Hills

Excursion to the Deister Hills with a tour of an old mine

We will travel bytrain to the Deister Hills, a beautiful range of hills close toHannover. This is where people go to go hiking, ride mountain bikesand to also go sledding in the winter. We will take a walk into thehills, with an old mine as our destination. We will go down into themine and get a guided tour on how it was built and what working in amine was like.

Hannover Adventure Zoo

Hannover Adventure Zoo

The zoo in Hannoveroffers a wide variety of different animals and attractions. Theanimal enclosures are theme-oriented to reflect the different homecountries of the animals living there. This creates a very specialatmosphere. The elephants live in an Indian jungle palace, the polarbears and seals in Yukon Bay.

In winter, there isanother highlight, the winter zoo. That’s when the skating rink andthe sledding hill are set up! The ISK plans an excursion to thewinter zoo each year. There you can enjoy mulled wine and punch alongwith other typical Christmas treats. It’s always fun to go skatingtogether there.

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The Herrenhäuser Gardens – Baroque splendor and botanical diversity

The Great Garden isconsidered as one of the most impressive Baroque gardens in Europe.It is the venue of an international fireworks competition each year.The reconstruction of Herrenhausen Palace ended in 2013 to make thehistorical gardens complete once again. The gardens are made up ofthe Great Garden, the Berg Garden, the Georgen Garden and the GuelphGarden. One of the last works of French artist Niki de Saint Phalle –the Blue Grotto – can be seen in the Great Garden.

The ISK undertakesan excursion to the Herrenhausen Gardens each year. It ends with apicnic in the Georgen Garden. 

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