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Working - Where do I find a job?

Do you look for a job in Hannover? Find many advices for the job search and for working in Hannover below.

Working in Hannover

The city Hannover is a good choice for living in Germany. Find many advices for working in Hannover below.

Many university applicants have to attend language courses in Germany in order to prove their language skills for admission to universities. With some visas, language course participants are allowed to work alongside the language course.

It all depends on the type of residence permit. If the purpose of the visit to Germany is to attend a language course or apply for a place at university, this does not include a work permit. In the case of a study visa, students can be permitted to work for a total of 120 days or 240 half days per year. Secondary student jobs are also permitted. If the purpose of the stay is to prepare students for their studies, working during the holiday period is permitted.

The “Working and Living in Germany” hotline has been receiving an increasing number of questions from callers who want to know which requirements have to be fulfilled in order for them to be allowed to work in Germany. Is a visa required? Will their vocational qualifications be accepted?

At some universities, you can find vacancies for student jobs or scientific assistants. In most cases, applicants can view such vacancies on the notice boards of the institutes or ask their AStA (Allgemeiner Studierendenausschuss – Student Union). Students can apply for a variety of different student jobs, such as gardeners, servers or trade show personnel. They can also take the initiative and offer jobs on the notice board, such as tutoring or gardening. There are jobs advertised in the Hannover press, e.g. in the Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung, the daily newspaper in Hannover. Another place students can go to get part-time jobs in Hannover is the Federal Employment Agency.

The “Jobmensa” (Job Canteen) is an online platform for student jobs. You can apply here too, online free of charge. Other job vacancies, including permanent positions and full-time jobs, can be found on various job exchanges, which can help you to look for a job even after you have completed your studies. These include: Stepstone, Xing, Jobworld or Monster.

If you are unsure to what extent you are allowed to work alongside your German language course or studies, please contact the Hannover University Information Office.