DeuFöV- Learning German for your job

Our job-related German courses are designed to help you improve your German language skills for an easier integration into the German job market. You have the choice between the Special Courses A2 and B1, the Basic Courses B2 and C1 and further job-related language courses.

Advising I Placement

If you come to the ISK with proof of eligibility for a job-related DeuFöV language course, you can go directly to our office and register for a course. If you do not yet have proof of eligibility, we will invite you to an interview to find out if a DeuFöV course is right for you. If necessary, we will have you take a placement test and give you a written course recommendation with the corresponding dates and times. After that, your personal contact person at the Job Center can give you your proof of eligibility.

Office hours: Monday to Thursday by appointment in Escherstr. 22, Phone +49/511/123 563 60

Job-Related DeuFöV Language Courses – Special Courses A2 and B1, B2 and C1 Basic Courses and further job-related language courses

The job-related DeuFöV language courses according to Section 45 of the German Residence Act is a measure for migrants who want to improve their language skills to achieve integration into the German job market. The language courses target migrants who need a B2/C1 language certificate to enter the job market or for the recognition of their job qualifications earned abroad. They expand their communication skills to meet the many different challenges they will face on the job. The topics range from communication and learning at the workplace, looking for employment, acquiring further job qualifications and the general legal regulations. 

Final Examination and B1 Language Certificate

All DeuFöV courses end with a telc language examination. The telc language certificates are recognized internationally by companies, governmental authorities, schools and universities. Having a recognized language certificate will improve your prospects on the job market. As a licensed examination center, we offer telc examinations from A1 to C1 in Hannover.