TestDaF – Examination for international study applicants

Test your German language skills at an advanced level! We offer the TestDaF examination six times a year at our language school in Hannover, the ISK. This standardized examination serves as internationally recognized proof of your German language proficiency.


TestDaF – Test for German as a foreign language

The TestDaF (Test German as a foreign language) is a language certificate for your studies or job. It is one of the most important language tests for foreign applicants as proof of their German language skills. Our language school is a licensed test center and offers the internationally recognized TestDaF 6 times a year.

The TestDaF consists of 4 exam parts, all of which are taken on the same day:

  • Reading comprehension: 3 reading texts, 30 tasks, 60 minutes
  • Listening comprehension: 3 listening texts, 25 tasks, 40 minutes
  • Written production: 1 writing task, 60 minutes
  • Oral production: 7 speaking tasks, 35 minutes

Most universities expect you to achieve TDN 4 in all 4 parts of the exam. The TestDaF exam tests your language performance and rates it at one of the TestDaF levels TDN 3, 4 or 5. These correspond to the levels German B2.1 to C1.2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). TestDaF can also be used as a language certificate for your job.

How can I prepare for the examination?

If your current language level is German B1 or B2, we recommend that you take part in our intensive courses first. If you already have a level of German C1, we recommend you take our 4-week examination course to prepare for the TestDaF examination. Our experienced teachers will prepare you in the best way possible for the TestDaF examination format. You will find detailed information on the respective course pages:


When will the next TestDaF examination take place?


We reserved a spot for the examination for participants of the ISK. The examination can be booked in our Office. in addition to the course. A direct registration is also possible online at www.testdaf.de.

Exam 21P606N1
09 Nov 2021 - 09 Nov 2021
09.00 am - 03.30 pm


We reserved a spot for the examination for participants of the ISK. The examination can be booked in our Office. in addition to the course. A direct registration is also possible online at www.testdaf.de.

Exam 22P601N1
17 Feb 2022 - 17 Feb 2022
09.00 am - 03.30 pm
Exam 22P602N1
26 Apr 2022 - 26 Apr 2022
09.00 am - 03.30 pm
Exam 22P603N1
14 Jun 2022 - 14 Jun 2022
09.00 am - 03.30 pm
Exam 22P604N1
10 Nov 2022 - 10 Nov 2022
09.00 am - 03.30 pm

What does it mean to have a guaranteed examination spot?

If you register with us for a 4-week examination course, we will reserve a place for you to take the TestDaF examination at the ISK Hannover. The cost of the exam in the amount of EUR 195 will be charged in addition to this. After registration, you will receive your personal TAN from us, which you must use to register for the exam online at www.testdaf.de.

How can I register?

You can register for the exam course after you have had a personal advising session in our school or online. Advising and placement always takes place on Mondays.

Was bedeutet eine Prüfungsplatzgarantie?

Wenn Sie sich bei uns zu einem 4-wöchigen Prüfungskurs anmelden, reservieren wir Ihnen einen Prüfungsplatz für die TestDaF Prüfung bei uns im ISK Hannover. Die Kosten der Prüfung in Höhe von 195 Euro werden zusätzlich berechnet. Nach der Anmeldung erhalten Sie von uns Ihre persönliche TAN, mit der Sie sich online bei www.testdaf.de für die Prüfung registrieren müssen.

Wie kann ich mich anmelden?

Nach einer individuellen Beratung bei uns vor Ort oder online können Sie sich zum Prüfungskurs anmelden. Die Beratung und Einstufung findet bei uns immer montags und dienstags nach Terminvereinbarung statt. Sprechen Sie gerne mit uns telefonisch (0511 12356360) oder per Mail (office@isk-hannover.de) einen Termin ab.

Wie viel kostet der TestDaF-Prüfungskurs?

Der 4-wöchige Prüfungskurs im ISK kostet 360 Euro.

Wann bekomme ich mein Ergebnis?

6 Wochen nach dem Tag der Prüfung können Sie Ihre Ergebnisse online einsehen. Kurz darauf können Sie sich Ihr TestDaF-Zeugnis bei uns im ISK Hannover abholen.

The ISK is a licensed test centre for: