Cultural Program
Cultural Program

We offer a varied cultural program for all the participants at the ISK, with interesting excursions in Hannover and the surrounding area, summer fests and Christmas parties. Take a look at our current cultural program here. All the dates can also be found on Facebook.

Cultural Program

We offer our participants a colorful, widely varied cultural program. We will show you the many different sides of Hannover to give you a closer look at a piece of German culture. Our program includes a visit to the Herrenhäuser Gardens, the Historical Museum, Marienburg Castle, an alternative guided tour through the district of Linden or a boat ride on Maschsee Lake. Art projects, summer festivals and our large-scale Christmas party with all the participants have become popular traditions at the ISK!

You can download the program here

The ISK invites the participants of the standard courses to a guided tour of the city from the ISK to the New City Hall and then to the Frühlingsfest afterwards.You will get lots of information on the history and culture of the city of Hannover along the way. At the fair, which is very popular throughout the entire region, participants can look forward to a small surprise.

2,50 €
Event no. 19K004N2
Date: 10 May 2019 Begin: 13.15 pm

The ISK will take the participants in the standard courses on a visit to the baroque Herrenhäuser Gardens. The ISK will pay the costs of admission. Please feel free to bring refreshments for your stay in the gardens along with you.

5,50 €
Event no. 19K005N2
Date: 22 May 2019 Begin: 13.15 pm

The ISK organizes a large summer sports festival for everyone to enjoy in July. With the sun shining, there will be all sorts of sporting activities, games and competitions. Good food and drink and good music will also be part of the program.

0,00 €
Event no. 19K006N2
Date: 19 Jul 2019 Begin: 12.30 pm

For this day trip, we will take the train to Wolfsburg, where we will visit the Autostadt Wolfsburg together. Cars from more than 60 different car makers can be seen here, along with the world’s largest automobile distribution center. An ideal trip for anyone interested in technology and cars in general!

35,00 €
Event no. 19K007N2
Date: 02 Aug 2019 Begin: 13.15 pm

The ISK invites the participants in the standard courses to take a walk from the ISK to Masch Lake.You will get information on the history and culture of the city of Hannover along the way. At Masch Lake, you will experience a festival that is very popular throughout the region and beyond, a real summer highlight in Hannover.

0,00 €
Event no. 19K008N2
Date: 14 Aug 2019 Begin: 16.30 pm

Experience Hannover from a different perspective for a change. On this trip, we will take a tour of the city of Hannover in a canoe. We will paddle along the Leine River to the Maschsee Lake, past the HDI Arena, to the Calenberger Neustadt and on into the heart of Hannover Mitte. You are welcome to take part in this city tour even if you have never been in a canoe before. All participants should be able to swim.

15,00 €
Event no. 19K009N2
Date: 16 Sep 2019 Begin: 13.15 pm

Our ISK excursion begins with a short train ride to the village of Nordstemmen. From there, we will take a short hike to the Marienberg, where we will visit the romantic castle of the last Queen of Hannover with a guide.

10,00 €
Event no. 19K010N2
Date: 10 Oct 2019 Begin: 13.15 pm

We want to visit the traditional “Herrenhäuser” Brewery in Hannover. We will find out more about the entire production process and see how the beer gets into the bottle. At the end of the tour, we will also have time to enjoy tasting the final product.

7,50 €
Event no. 19K011N2
Date: 21 Nov 2019 Begin: 16.30 pm

The next excursion takes the ISK students to Hannover’s traditional Christmas market. It is located in the old, historical part of the city around the church at the center of the market place. There’s a lot to see, from the Finnish to the historical village and the “Wishing Well Forest”, and of course also a lot to eat and drink and enjoy.

2,50 €
Event no. 19K012N2
Date: 09 Dec 2019 Begin: 16.30 pm