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German for job-related purposes, in-company qualification, job coaching

We have developed various training strategies to provide migrants with a solid foundation for integration into the German job market. You have the choice between courses with or without on-the-job training.

Advising | Placement

Every participant in our courses can take a placement test free of charge. This ensures that you get the course that is in line with your current language skills and your career goals. We meet with you personally to find out which job-qualification course is best suited to your needs and provide you with a written recommendation for your language training along with a module plan. After that, your contact person at the Job Center can issue you a corresponding AVGS, a training voucher or an application form for an ESF measure.

Office hours: Monday to Thursday by appointment at Escherstr. 22, phone: 0511-12356360

This job qualification measure is funded by: