Job Qualification
Job Qualification

Language training, job coaching, motivation training, career consulting, on-the-job training

In ACL we make you fit for your successful integration into the job market. Supported 100% with AVGS!

Opportunities for Migrants on the Job Market

ACL PLUS -AKTIVIERUNG-COACHING-LEICHTE SPRACHE– is a program on a part-time basis for migrants who have not yet been integrated into the German job market because of their lack of language skills and lack of school and job qualifications. ACL PLUS offers an analysis of the personal, family and job situation, help and orientation for career planning and active job-application training. In job coaching, the living situation of the participants is improved through the use of reflection sessions, motivational training and advising on future prospects, thus increasing their chances of being integrated into the job market in Germany. In language training, the main focus is placed on learning how to learn. This includes automating that which has already been learned, its practical application and a visualization of the topics from the working world. A 4-week on-the-job training course takes place after the course.

Monday – Friday | 8:30 am –12:35 noon | 25 hours a week | 4 months

ACL PLUS at a Glance
• Slow learning speed
• Special counseling
• Individual job coaching
• Max. of 20 participants per group
• Funded by the Job Center through AVGS

ACL PLUS: What it’s all about

  • Orientation towards the career and employment market
  • Reinforcement of the integration process
  • Activation of job-applicant behavior
  • Job orientation
  • Development of learning strategies
  • Improvement of language skills
  • Special counseling
  • Individual job coaching

Activation and Referral Voucher (AVGS)

With an AVGS, the Job Center assumes the costs for a certified measure when the participant is jobless.
ACL is recognized and certified according to the AZAV.

Length of course: 20 weeks, B1 language certificate included in course costs, on-the-job training funded by the Job Center through the AVGS.

This job qualification measure is funded by: