Integration Courses
Integration Courses

Learn German, experience Germany – New integration courses begin at the ISK at the start of every month. You have the choice between general integration courses and courses teaching you how to read and write. All courses end with an orientation course and the final LiD (Leben in Deutschland = Living in Germany) examination and the DTZ (German Test for Immigrants).

Arrive safely and learn German

The refugee courses are designed to help people right after they first arrive in Germany. The participants learn important words and the first expressions they can use in their everyday lives in Germany; they have an opportunity to communicate with other people and get a first sense of orientation for the further steps to be taken in their own personal, social and job-market integration.

Monday – Friday | 1.15 pm – 4.30 pm | 20 hours a week | 15 weeks

German for Refugees at a Glance
• No admission requirements
• First German language training
• Educational counseling
• Special counseling
• Final examination in German