Examinations and certificates at ISK. Do you need proof of your language proficiency for naturalization, university or your job? Whether you’re interested in taking the TestDaF, DSH, telc, WiDaF or an ISK examination – we will advise competently and individually on the many different options you have.


The Studienkolleg prepares foreign students to study in Germany. In our preparation courses all participants will be prepared for the admission test, which consists of a German language test and a mathematics test. The Studienkolleg Hannover in Lower Saxony carries out the test 2 x a year. The Studienkolleg courses at the ISK provide you with optimum preparation for the test format in German and mathematics.


Register for admission to the course directly with the Studienkolleg. Please be sure to register early. Processing your application for admission to the acceptance test can take from 8 to 10 weeks. To improve your chances of getting a spot in the Studienkolleg, you have to have a language level of at least B1. Since the acceptance test is a ranking test, there is no guarantee that you will be accepted even if you pass the exam. The students with the highest marks will get accepted into this course first.


Admission test Studienkolleg 
03.09. + 05.09.2019